A strategic
and shared
services hub

A unique business hub that is home to
outsourcing and shared service providers

Commercial spaces and business services exclusively designed and dedicated to the outsourcing and shared service businesses, such as call centers, data centers, back-office operations and more.

A centralized community of specialized workforce

Our community houses business partners, who provide a multicultural environment by employing talent specialized in HR, IT, back-office support and call centre operations. Our neighboring affiliate community, Dubai International Academic City, offers our business partners an exclusive business advantage to a pool of 28,000+ students available for part-time/temporary jobs.


Discover our dynamic business environment that stimulates growth and scalability through a range of products and services, enabling organizations to focus on their core business

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Set up your business

Become part of the region's unique and leading business community for outsourcing and shared services. We offer a variety of commercial spaces customized to all business types. In addition, we provide business set up operational support such as business licenses, registration, work visas and much more.
 Evening view of Dubai Outsource City, the data center & outsourcing hub in Dubai, from afar

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