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Dubai Outsource City

Dubai Outsource City is a unique business community dedicated to outsourcing and shared service businesses, such as call centers, data centers, and back-office operations. We offer a vibrant multicultural working environment in addition to commercial spaces customized to all business types and business set up operational support such as business licenses, registration, work visas and much more. Our aim is to support the growth of this industry and establish Dubai as an international hub for outsourcing and shared services.

Community Experiences

Dubai Outsource City holistic community works closely with business partners to offer the community exciting and beneficial initiatives such as events, sporting and wellness activities, workshops and training sessions.

Residential Community

The vibrant residential area surrounding Dubai Outsource City is an important part of the community.


Restaurants, salons, pharmacies, convenience stores and other retail outlets surrounding Dubai Outsource City add convenience to a community environment.


It's easy to stay true to your fitness goals in Dubai Outsource City with several complimentary fitness initiatives offered by the community and fitness facilities surrounding the area.


Accessible health and wellness facilities within and close to our community so you can focus on what matters most.


There are several hotels within close proximity to Dubai Outsource city, from business to leisure, perfect for every occasion.

24/7 security and access

Dubai Outsource city offers 24/7 security, surveillance and accessibility so you can run your business with confidence and without interruption.

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 Two employees having a conversation at one of our spaces in Dubai Outsource City