Dubai, UAE, 15 October 2023: Dubai Fashion Week (DFW), the region’s definitive fashion fixture co-founded by Dubai Design District (d3) and Arab fashion Council (AFC), continues.


Anaya unveiled her haute couture collection, a showcase of evening ensembles that exude versatility and dreamy elegance. The collection featured an array of captivating designs, from airy, flowing gowns adorned with sparkly textiles to organza creations. The dresses incorporated chemise-like tops, décolleté silhouettes, and nude palette elastic pants, resulting in a striking blend of contemporary and grace.

The colours were a delightful mix of pastel hues, including shades of green, lilac, gold, blue, yellow, and white. Anaya's dreamy collection is a natural extension of her signature style, characterised by effortless beauty. Her work is a testament to modern femininity, characterised by distinctive cuts and artful fabric manipulations that yield unique yet wearable creations.


Erick Bendana’s "Sky" collection was a beautiful reflection inspired by the three fundamental facets of life. The first facet mirrors the intricate tapestry of existence, from the vibrant and enigmatic highs to the serene pastels of tranquility. Shades of blue, lilac, and prominent white in seven wedding dresses with various cuts and chemise collars, flower-breasted designs, and broad shoulders celebrate the spectrum of human emotions and experiences.

The second facet delves into the enigmatic beauty of the night, with inky black gowns adorned with feathers and sheer fabrics that allude to the captivating allure of darkness, with subtle hints of shimmer.

The third facet symbolises the triumphant rebirth of light, reflecting the optimism and hope that each new day brings. The colours transition from the deep night to the soft, warm hues of dawn, with a palette that includes yellow, orange, pink, and red looks.


In this thought-provoking collection, the narrative revolved around the art of letting go while preserving the wisdom of our past experiences, and this theme is vividly reflected in the ensembles presented. Each look served as a fusion of two facets of the same tale, harmoniously intertwined to tell the story.

Central to this collection was the concept of recycling the past, symbolised by the incorporation of aged papers that have been transformed into bold statement accessories embellishing these dresses. The designs showcased a sense of asymmetry, with ruffled over-the-shoulder sleeves, and fabrics extending into captivating collars. The visual narrative was woven into each design, using delicate fabric to represent rebirth, with layering techniques and intricate cuts adding an artistic flair to the pieces. The colour selection ranged from serene pastels to deep black, transitioning to the luxurious velvet and silver dresses, and ultimately culminating in a wedding gown that encapsulates the essence of this collection.


Designers and Us, an esteemed luxury fashion house nestled in the heart of Dubai Design District, unveiled their latest masterpiece: "The Swan Couture." This collection was a testament to the harmonious collaboration of esteemed designers, including Jean Charles Zakaria, Alaa Sarkis, Nivine Bashiti, and Fouad Khoury, as well as their in-house talents. Drawing inspiration from the timeless ballet "Swan Lake," the collection featured a mesmerising palette of black, white, and beige gowns. The feathers, serving as the leitmotif of the narrative, gracefully adorned the sleeve designs and at times enveloped the entire gown. The ruffled fabric, with its meticulously crafted structure, accentuated the silhouettes, mirroring the sheer material that traced the curves of the models on the runway. The gowns boasted an array of diverse cuts, intricate textiles, and captivating details, including flowy capes, leg slits, cut-outs, and sheer textiles. Completing the looks were elegant head accessories, elevating the collection to an artistic crescendo.


Valentin Yudashkin celebrated its 30th anniversary with an exceptional Haute Couture collection “A Woman In Time.” The looks presented served as a heartfelt tribute to Valentin's enduring love and admiration for women, encapsulating their timeless beauty across various historical epochs.

The collection drew inspiration from the Renaissance, Antiquity, Baroque, and Art Deco, melding these influences with Middle Eastern and Asian elements. Showcasing a delightful palette of gold, pink, and blue, with a recurring floral motif, the collection mirrored the changing seasons, from the chill of March's frosty mornings to the warmth of radiant June days. Crafted from an array of materials sourced worldwide, including crepe, organza, gazar, chiffon, and silk, the collection placed a strong emphasis on in-house handmade embroidery. Additionally, unique handmade gloves, adorned with lush flowers and crafted with French lace, complemented the exquisite looks. The collection harmoniously blended timeless elegance with modern craftsmanship, celebrating three decades of Valentin Yudashkin's contributions to the fashion industry.

Dubai Fashion Week runway shows conclude tonight with Michael Cinco and Rizman Ruzaini. It is also the final day of the first-ever Mega Showroom retail pop-up for buyers and the public in Building 11 at d3.

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